Sensitive skin, Superfood juice Recipe

Vitamin A-Bomb Juice

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Vitamin A Bomb Juice

If you have very sensitive skin that is prone to damage, is always dry and itchy, scratches and bruises easily, and more, it might be time to load up on some essential vitamins to help increase overall skin health. This stuff is meant to toughen you up! If you want to know more about a sensitive skin - then read more about it ​here

Juice Recipe - sensitive skin type

See what to use and what it is good for

Vitamin A Bomb Juice

Ingredients list

  • 1/ 2 cantaloupe
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 mango
  • Small bunch of kale or spinach


Start by juicing the carrots and then slowly add all other ingredients to the mix.

What they are good for

  • The point of this juice is to load you up with vitamin A, which is an important anti-oxidant for healthy skin, especially to protect it from damage, particularly UV damage. All of these ingredients also contain a good deal of vitamin C

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