Take care of your skin

Read about the different skin types  - and how to treat them

No matter what kind of skin type you have, there are 3 things to consider if you want to keep your skin young. Cleanse your skin regularly, add plenty of moisture and protect it from wind & weather. Your skincare does not have to take long time or and require not a lot of expensive products.

Cleanse your skin

Don't over-cleanse your skin. The skin is created as a barrier that keeps out impurities and moisture. If you have a tendency to over-cleanse your skin - then you are instead removing essential lipids and important cells that help create the skin's moisture. This causes your skin to become sensitive and if you continue this treatment over time, a slight redness, rash and skin inflammation may occur on your skin. This was not the point. 

Too much cleansing can over time lead to that your are drying out your skin and also  cause premature aging. The skin's leeks become inflamed and irritated and can interfere with the skin's cell renewal and in some cases clogged pores. 

Moisture to the skin

To moisturize your skin you can use gel, cream or a lotion. Simply provide a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Your skin can only absorb a certain amount of ingredients and if you give it too much or a wrong product - then your pores will clog. This can cause  your skin problems instead of helping your skin.

Protect your skin

Yes, you know this for sure -  sun is the deadly enemy number 1 for your skin. It stands for up to 80% of premature skin aging. You probably know someone who has taken too much sun in their young days and not have  protected their skin from the sun. As they get older they get a real leather skin and look at least 10 years older than their age. Please protect your skin with a sunscreen when you enjoy the sun's rays. It should at least be a factor 15. Remember that even when the weather looks cloudy, the sun's ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds - so it's not just on a warm sunny day that you need to protect your skin. If you want to look healthy and tanned you could include a self-tanning product in your skin care that would be a good alternative.

Dry skin

If your skin is dry, it can be either hereditary, a result of living in a tough weather, too much sun or your age. You've probably noticed that the texture of your face is fine with almost invisible pores and that's the positive. The negative aspect is that the skin tends to age faster because it lacks nutrients. Therefore, use nourishing moisturizers, avoid water-soluble cleansers and use oil-based products instead. Do not use skintonic with alcohol as it dries your skin. Especially in winter time eat the right food as your skin needs even more fat which can protect – because your skin cannot even produce the acid coat which helps other skin types through a tough winter with wind and cold.

What to eat when you have dry skin

Your shopping cart must, among other things, be filled with avocado, mango and fatty fish. Even if you drink plenty of water, your skin have a tends to dehydrate very quickly. Therefore, you should be aware of consuming fats from vegetable sources which helps you to ensure that moisture does not disappear to quickly. Therefore, go for omega fatty acid 3,6,7 & 9 found in the fatty fish, avocado, sea buckthorn and mango.

If you hate the idea of eating these healthy fatty acids in the form of the above the solution could be supplements with omega fatty acid. In addition, be aware of consuming enough liquid. It would be a good idea to drink up to 2 liters of water a day. You can possibly make unsweetened juice or tea if you cannot consume the 2 liters without taste.

What to look for with dry skin

After all, your dry skin is a sign / symptom of lack of water and oil in your body. Therefore, you should avoid too much coffee or black tea - as they unfortunately have a diuretic effect on your body. After all, it can be really difficult these days with all these smart coffee types and shops. Include a water instead of buying the coffee to go solution when you are on the go. Oh I know how hard it is - as I love a coffee on the go myself. Want to know a little bit more about how to treat a dry skin. ​Read more here​​​

Things related to dry skin

Impure or oily skin ?

If you think oily skin is just something that belongs to being a teenager.... - then you're wrong. You may well get tired of the eternal fight against pimples and greasy brows. However, there is a major benefit of oily skin. Your skin don´t age as clearly  and fast as other skin types – because it is protected with a active fat layer.  A large benefit if you think proaging / antiage.

However, you need to take good care of your skin. Find a product that controls the activity of the glands - as they can help reprogram your oily skin. Try to use products without oil to be on the safe side. If you are afflicted with blackheads and clogged pores - you can give your face a steam bath with boiling water every 14 days. Next, apply a depth-cleaning mask. This will "suck" your skin clean. Promise me you don't stop using moisturizer (just use the right one that is designed for oily skin) - as it just helps dry out your skin if you dont use a moisturizer and it's not the point. Take care of your oily skin - as such a skin is often a problem skin. Therefore it is very important that you eat the right food and using the rigth products for oily skin. With the right nutrition and care, you can avoid inflammatory conditions such as acne, which almost starts with oily skin. So take care of your skin.


What should you eat when you have a oil skin

When you tend to have a oily skin type , your focus should be on eating and drinking cleansing foods. Among other things, you can use an organic grape seed oil in your food. You can add it in a smoothie or juice that you make yourself. The oil helps to prevent bacteria and it balances too high fat production. If you are thinking of taking supplements then go for omega fatty acid and zinc. Furthermore you can also eat fenugreek, fennel, licorice root, sage or nettle tea - as they clean your body from the inside. Good for detoxing.

What to avoid with oily skin

Stay far away from everything that has to do with sugar and unnecessary additives. Herbs can be good - but if your skin is unclean - then avoid the ones that are too spicy. Chili & garlic can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Your skin will flares up and turns red. So take care when thinking about eating spices - even if they taste good.  A long-term advice for oily skin must be that you keep it well-groomed. Avoid sugar and eat healthy.  A oily skin is very quickly out of balance. You shall also think about protecting yourself from the sun's rays - as you may have small "breakouts" of impurities and the pigment will overpower itself to protect itself . Unfortunately it can give you small scars in the skin. Be careful in the sun - but this advice should be given to all of us - it's not just for people with oily skin. If you want to know more about a oily skin - then  Read more about how you can fix it here


Things related to oily skin

Sensitive or stressed skin?

Stressed skin is characterized by the fact that it often feels tight and has shields. This skin type tends to strike out due to new products, weather & wind and too much sun. Avoid products with perfume and unnatural dyes, alcohol or chemical sun filters. Protect your skin with soothing products with a sunscreen built-in. Especially in winter, the skin is extremely exposed and it is therefore extremely important that you eat healthy and varied - so that you protect the skin as much as possible. You can get more knowledge about a sensitive skin by reading more here

Eating habits for a sensitive skin

When you have a delicate or stressed skin it is normal dry. Therefore, your eating habits should look like the diet you eat when your skin is dry. Make sure you eat avocado, fatty fish, sea buckthorn and mango. Lots of the healthy omega fatty acids 3,6,7 & 9. When winter approaches, it is important to take apricot kernel oil as it helps to prevent the small blood vessels in the skin from being damaged. It would be good if you could find time to drink a mixture with different fruit or vegetables and put the apricot kernel oil in.

Strong spices are an "enemy" of delicate skin - so try to avoid food with too many spices - as the skin may have a tendency to flare up if you consumed to many spices and drinking to much alcohol. When your skin is delicate, the best advice is to build up your skin with good fats as mentioned above. Unfortunately, you should stay far away from the sun - of course you must go out - but think about where you stay when you go out. Protect yourself with sun cream. We should all keep in mind, that the sun is the  enemy  when it comes to aging our skin.

Things related to sensitive skin

Older / mature skin

Mature skin is characterized by being dry, wrinkled and pale. The age changes are partly due to wind & weather and the exposure to the sun. After all, we also do not get rid of the fact that ordinary aging comes into contact as a result of the hormonal changes. That being said - we can do a lot ourselves to expose the aging of our skin & mind. Mature skin needs to get moving and you can do this by exercising, eating the correct food and using the right skin care products.  Want to know more about what the characteristics of a mature skin . Then you can read more about it here

What to eat when you have a mature skin?

When you have mature skin, you should be aware of eating diets that stimulate your hormonal balance. The superfood algae and seaweed is one of the best things you can eat when your skin is mature. Especially blue-green algae spirulina is an over-super-algae. Many of the vitamins and minerals that benefit your skin are found in spirulina. You will find several different antioxidants such as beta carotene, Vitamin E and Vitamin C and also minerals such as zinc and copper and the fatty acid gamma linolenic acid which also helps to give the skin a strong immune system. So a good idea is to get spirulina into your food habits.

In particular the antioxidants means a lot for skin cells to renew and not age prematurely - really well from a proaging / antiage perspective. You can eat all kinds of seaweed - it tastes great when you eat  sushi or a seaweed salad. You can also supplement with spirulina in the form of a dietary supplement - for example in powder form which you can put in a smoothie. The green tea is also a good thing in the fight against antiage and it is a really old beauty advice that still works. 

Things related to mature skin