What is sensitive skin & how to cure it?

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Why sensitive skin ?

Sensitive skin often reacts to external influences such as stress, dry air from warm appliances indoors, strong winds or the sun's rays. When the skin is out of balance it feels tight, itchy, dry and with a tendency to redness. The delicate skin can also cause an impure skin with acne or blackheads. Therefore the skin needs extra care to calm and strengthen its barriers against all the effects it is exposed to during the day.

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The question is how does a skin feel and what makes the skin feel sensitive?

Some of the circumstances that could cause that your skin is delicate is the following:

  • Stress and imbalance in the body can be quickly seen on the skin
  • Friction - if the skin is constantly rubbing at a certain point on the body and becomes irritated
  • Using the wrong skin care products in relation to your skin type
  • you take medication - it can make the skin thin and sensitive
  • The sun´s rays

However, it is always important to keep in mind that the skin can of course just flare up for periods. It does not always mean that you have a tense skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin, it is something you experience repeatedly and not just once in a while. So be aware of how your skin is doing. Do not make hasty conclusions and if you are in doubt, go to a professional.

The Must-Have Product: Alcohol-Free and Scent-Free Products

Here’s a pro tip when you’re searching for products for your sensitive skin: choose products that have fewer chemicals. In this way, you’ll have fewer irritants to deal with. Also, never skip the skin patch test and remember to wash away any product immediately once you feel any stinging or burning sensation!

This Strengthening Serum is a carefully balanced, therapeutic blend of 8 precious oils, designed to strengthen skin, prevent capillary breakage, relieve redness, soothe inflammation & itchiness, and comfort fragile skin.  A potent dose of Helichrysum Oil, known as “Immortal and Everlasting” in ancient remedies, has powerful anti-inflammatory, skin-rejuvenating, and cell-regenerative properties to benefit fragile skins. Chamomile, Carrot Seed, and Borage Oils combine to further soothe and strengthen.  

A few things about a delicate skin and what you can do to get rid of some of the signs of a sensitive skin

  • What can a sensitive skin react to? The weather as mentioned above. The skin does not benefit from too much wind & cold - or in the completely different ball game too much sun - but this applies to all skin types. 
  • Strong food & alcohol is not a good cocktail when your skin is delicate. The skin will easily break out if you get too much. So think about what you eat and drink. Not much is needed. Unfortunately.
  • Your skin tends to itch and makes it especially if the skin is dry or just generally not intact. In fact, it may feel like you have eczema. It can eventually develop into eczema if you do not give your skin lots of moisture. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do for your skin is to apply a lot of moisture on it - as none of us will be bothered by eczema.
  • Over in the second ”ball game” you may find that in the most sensitive periods you get more impurities. That's a good reason for it, actually! When the skin is sensitive, it is constantly overworked, resulting in an imbalance. Therefore, it lacks both fat and moisture and it tries to protect itself and it can cause impurities.

There are a lot of factors around an unstable skin and only a few of them are mentioned here - but most importantly be aware of your skin and if you are in doubt seek professional help - so you eat /drink & use products that are intended for what skin type you represent.

Cleansing Guide for a sensitive skin type


Cleanse your skin with a mild foaming soap with calming ingredients or just plain water. A benefit  step is to use a serum with a lot of moisture - but if you don´t have a serum- Lubricate your skin with a light / fat moisturizer with or without SPF 15-30. If your moisturizer does not contain SPF 15-30 - then you should apply a sun blocker cream SPF 15-30 afterwards

Middle of the day

Lubricate your skin with sun blocker cream. This should be done primarily in the spring and summer. But the skin does not hurt by doing it all the year around. As mentioned, your skin really need moisture and protection against the sun as the sun is the enemy of sensitive skin.


Rinse your skin with a mild foaming soap with calming ingredients or a cleansing milk. All your makeup needs to be removed. Don't let the products sit on your skin for too long. Rinse your skin quickly. Use a serum with a lot of moist – but if you don't have a serum then use an oily moisturizer with calming ingredients.

Note: Use a facial scrub 1-2 times a month that would activate your skin so that it becomes more susceptible for the creams that you are using.

Skincare suggestion if you skin is sensitive and delicate