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Sea Buckthorn one of the superfoods?

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Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is clearly created to grow here in the cold north. This small bush is extremely hardy and fits the Nordic climate really well. The name of the berry comes from the plant's well-being at the coast and because of its sharp thorns, which makes it difficult to pick the berries from the branches. Sea Buckthorn has the season from August to October.

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Most people eat  Sea Buckthorn because of their high nutritional content. You will find both Vitamins A, B, C, and E vitamins in this little berry and  therefore is Sea Buckthorn  many times described as a real superfood and it is for good reason.

In addition to these vitamins, the berry has the essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. One of these fatty acids you very rarely hear about is Omega 7, which is an important fatty acid that your body produces itself. The older we get, the worse we get to produce omega 7. Therefore it can be really beneficial to fill up with Omega 7 because our daily diet does not contain as much Omega 7 fatty acids. Sea Buckthorn contains so many essential nutrients and is one of the berries that, along with goji berries, has the most complete nutritional profile. This little yellow berry is a wonder for your entire body in terms of both the inside and the outside. 

Sea Buckthorn benefits

This little berry helps to prevent cataracts and maintain our night vision. As described above,  this berry contains the very healthy omega 7 fatty acids. This means that Sea Buckthorn is the best  source for omega 7 and it makes the berry interesting if you live as a vegetarian or vegan - because it is difficult to find that when you eat like a vegan or vegetarian. Omega 7 works to protect against bacteria and is said to be able to protect against cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this berry and all it ts benefits both in terms of health & the impact on your skin. Here in the Scandinavian countries, the Nordic cuisine loves this little berry and uses it extensively in all kinds of cooking. This applies to desserts, jams, drinks & vinegar. Yes, there are endless possibilities to sneak this berry into your food.

Sea buckthorn oil and capsules

If you do not bother to get the berry into your daily diet via the above options - then there are plenty of supplements that use  Sea Buckthorn. You can buy it in the form of capsules, oil & powder. Therefore, you have no excuse not to consume this berry one way or another and thereby take advantage of the beneficial effects this superfood contains for your health and beauty.

How to use the sea buckthorn

As you can read above,  the berry  with its slightly acidic and fresh taste has a lot of possibilities in our cooking and how you can get it through your diet in one way or another. Besides the good qualities of the berry in the kitchen and as medicine, it is also used in beauty products where you can make use of its many benefits.

Sea buckthorn oil for skin

The oil of the berry is known for its ability to protect and revitalize your skin when dehydrated. At the same time, it is good when we speak from a pro-aging / anti-age point of view as it helps prevent wrinkles and it is due to vitamins; (A, E, C, B1, B2), antioxidants; which fight the free radicals to keep your skin young and prevent premature aging.

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Sea buckthorn berries contain up to 12 times more vitamin C than found in oranges Thanks to all these vitamins and minerals, this berry promotes the health of your skin. Among other things, it increases the elasticity of your skin and keeps it hydrated. At the same time, it helps fight inflammation conditions and the bacteria that can cause acne.

Why proaging / antiage

I can only say once again that this berry is a superfood when we talk about all its good qualities in the process of getting older. The content of protective antioxidants that heal damaged cells and the Omega 7 fatty acid that rejuvenates your skin. Try using a moisturizing cream with Sea Buckthorn as the key ingredient and you will discover its many good qualities for your skin.

A little bonus info: Sea Buckthorn oil can also be used to prevent and reduce the occurrence of stretch marks & eczema.

I have now given you a lot of benefits of this berry Sea Buckthorn  both in terms of health and beauty. I hope you will be able to benefit from this knowledge and explore this wonderful little berry  yourself.