What does a normal skin type look like ?

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Do you a have normal skin type?

Normal skin type is characterized by not having the major problems - even if you sometimes forget to care and moisturize it. But it does not happen in the long run - since even a "perfect skin" must be nurtured with moisture. Even though your skin is normal, it may occasionally be plagued by impurities and therefore needs to be nurtured in another way when it occurs - so a normal skin type is not flawless.

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What are the characteristics ​of a normal skin type:

  • The skin is firm and clear
  • Rarely has an outbreak of impurities and rashes
  • No / almost no enlarged pores
  •  The skin is elastic and soft
  • There may well be pigment changes

As explained above, it is most important to repair, protect and prevent when the skin is normal. Your skin feels good and is in balance - and it is important to maintain it. You have no reason to over-treat your skin as it does well. Congratulations. If there are "problems" with your skin - then you must investigate what has predicted it and then act on it.

The Must-Have Product: A Reliable Cleanser

Everyone needs to cleanse their face twice daily: once every morning and once before going to bed. Unfortunately, some of us who don’t suffer from any particular skincare issue can sometimes take skincare for granted.
This is the reason why we highly recommend a cleanser that doesn’t just cleanse your face efficiently. Choose one that you really enjoy the scent as well. In this way, every time you clean your face would be like a treat and not a chore.

DHC Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil is perfect for normal to dry skin types, made to satisfy hydration-hungry complexions. This makeup remover is formulated with Oleic Acid from Olive Oil, to remove makeup instantly, while conditioning and protecting your skin from dryness. It's free of parabens and potential skin-irritating ingredients like synthetic fragrance and coloring. 

The DHC company  recommend a patch test prior to use if you are particularly sensitive. If irritation occurs, consult a dermatologist.

How do you  best take care of your skin ? 

How do you care for normal skin? The recommendation is that you cleanse your skin morning and evening. If you don´t have time for it the most important is to do it in the evening – so that you get rid of dirt and sweat after a full day. So it is important to have a good skin cleanser in your skincare "collection".

Cleansing Guide for a normal skin type


Cleanse your skin with a mild foaming soap or and oil. benefit  step is to use a serum with a lot of moisture - but if you don´t have a serum- Lubricate your skin with a light / fat moisturizer with or without SPF 15-30. If your moisturizer does not contain SPF 15-30 - then you should apply a sun blocker cream SPF 15-30 afterwards

Middle of the day

Lubricate your skin with sun blocker cream. This should be done primarily in the spring and summer. But the skin does not hurt by doing it all the year around. 


Rinse your skin with a mild foaming soap or a cleansing milk. You can also use a oil instead.  All your makeup needs to be removed. Use a serum with a lot of moist – but if you don't have a serum then use an oily moisturize.

Note: Use a mild facial scrub 1-2 times a week that would activate your skin so that it becomes more susceptible for the creams that you are using.

Skincare suggestion for a normal skin type