What is oily skin and how do we treat it to go away

All about beauty and how you can take care of your skin

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Why do we have a oily skin ?

The hormones fluctuate, especially in our teens and many of us remember that we at that time have an oily skin and all the problems it causes in a teenager's life. But there are many other life situations that can stimulate/increase the production of tallow, which makes us end up with an oily skin. It is not only puberty but also menstruation, pregnancy and menopause where we can suffer with an oily skin. Lifestyle changes such as stress and illness can also be a contributing factor for our skin to be greasy at times – so the causes of oily skin can be many reasons.​

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Some of the characteristics of oily skin

  • Glossy and greasy face all over the face.
  • Rough structure with expanded / open pores.
  • The skin seems "thicker" than usual in our body.  
  • May be plagued by impurities & blackheads. 

If you've already now know that your skin is oily - what can you do to fix it? Unfortunately, there is no cure for that kind of skin - but you can do a lot of things yourself to solve this  problem.  ​Read more about skin care routine for a oily skin type  ​​​

Aesop Face Cleanser

This lightly foaming gel contains a powerful blend of herbal active ingredients to refresh and help balance the skin and is best used with cold water. A small amount will completely remove oil rigidity and any environmental debris. Perfect when you have oily skin.

How do you take care of a oily skin ?

Drink plenty of fluids (mainly water) - this does not only apply to people with oily skin. This applies to all of us. Your skin is a body made up of cells and cells is water based. Without water, your skin cannot function properly! A dehydrated skin produces extra sebum in an attempt to stay moist, and then we are in for a vicious spiral. Therefore, always make sure you always have a filled water bottle with you.

It is a common misunderstanding that moisturizer or serum will make oily skin more oily. Your skin will overcompensate and produce more sebum if it's dehydrated - so a relatively easy way to try to make the skin less oily is by moisturizing the skin. A light moisturizer is ideal for keeping your skin in balance. Finally, do not use creams with a very high fat content and here we talk creams with a fat content of over 20%. It can have the exact opposite effect and your skin greases even more.

Use toner in your daily skin care routine​

Toners are great skincare products for all skin types and are a must-have for oily skin. A good toner goes in and removes dirt and excess oils and can help reduce the frequency of skin eruptions. Please note that if your skin is dry and sensitive then you should avoid toners that use alcohol and instead look for moisturizing toners with aloe vera, vegetable glycerin or lavender oil.

One area that you can definitely do something about is your diet. Be sure to eat a healthy, varied diet that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. I mean fruit and vegetables and eat varied to avoid oily skin. Greasy foods are not only harmful to your health, but can also be one of the causes of oily skin. If you are having trouble consuming vegetables or fruits - then start juicing - it tastes great and it is healthy.Read more about juicing here....

One final piece of advice is to keep in mind that your makeup brushes and sponges can be a true paradise for bacteria. They attract dead skin cells and fats, which spread across the face as you apply them. Therefore, wash your brushes regularly or even better replace them as often as possible. This avoids spreading bacteria in your face and that is poison for oily skin.

As mentioned, it is extremely important that you care for oily skin and therefore incorporate a daily skin care routine.

Cleansing Guide for a oily skin type


Cleanse your skin with a foaming soap - see it here that degrease your skin. Then use a skin toner which also helps to degrease the skin. Lubricate the skin with a light moisturizer with or without SPF 15-30. If your moisturizer does not contain SPF 15-30 - then you should apply a sun blocker cream SPF 15-30.

Middle of the day

Lubricate your skin with sun blocker cream. This should be done primarily in the spring and summer. But the skin does not hurt by doing it all the year around.

Sun block cream 

You have to lubricate your skin every morning & middle of the day - so you protect your self from the suns rays


Rinse your skin with a foaming soap. All your makeup needs to be removed. Then use a skin toner and a light moisturizer. 

Note: Exfoliate your skin mildly a few times a week. Be sure to lubricate yourself with sun blocker cream (as mentioned during the skincare routine) - too much sun can damage your skin and leave you with an oily skin. ​​​​

Don't over-wash your skin - as it often causes oily skin. It can feel like the best solution to scrub your face when it shines and feels greasy. If you scrub your skin too hard and too often with certain products or tough exfoliating creams, you remove the moisture from your skin and it causes your sebaceous glands to increase the production of fat. As mentioned above, a gentle exfoliating cleanser a couple of times a week can be great for oily skin, especially if followed by a moisturizer that retains moisture and keeps the skin in balance. Remember, your skin needs care.

Skincare suggestions if you have a oily skin type