A Healthy lifestyle?

what is it  - and how do you achieve it

To live healthy and long has always been one of the main issues that the human race has kept itself busy with. We humans are normally not concerned about that type of thing while we are still young and have no responsibilities.

Young people that grow up in a good environment expect to be around for some time, and they do not think too far ahead. But when you get older and have more responsibility, you start to think about your life.

Decisions you make at the teenage stage will determine your life as an adult and many years after becoming an adult. When you decide about your career, you should also decide and plan about your old age, for when you are no longer working.


You do not need to be a super athlete to be healthy, and have a strong and fit body, but it is important to live an active life to stay in good shape up to advanced age and exercise is the way to go.

For that, you need to plan while you are still young, and you are able to keep it up until a very old age. It is important to plan your life in advance and to stay in control no matter what may happen.

There are many things we cannot control in our lives, and one of them is the way other people act and react. So when you start your planning, you need to make sure you include that fact in your plan.

If you did not start at a young age, do not stress, you can still make a difference in the outcome.

How Will Exercise Improve Your Life?

Make sure you are not taking part in very stressful types of sports that will cause harm to your body. You need to do some type of exercise that will increase and improve the cardiovascular muscle group at a reasonable pace.

You do not want to overdo it and damage the muscles in your body, so you need to pace yourself. Remember that every time you push your body too hard, there is some time required to repair that part of your body.

There are a few basic things you must do if you want to live a healthy life, and one of them is exercise. This does not mean 4 hours a day in the gym, but to at least burn enough calories every day. You can read more about why exercise is good for your skin and body here 

All the muscles in your body should be exercised regularly so they will not have time to weaken. For that, you will need a well-planned program that you must stick with for the rest of your life. 

A Good Exercise Plan

Even if you start at a later age, you can still add about 8 to 10 years to your life. This is only attainable through a very healthy lifestyle that will include a strict plan of exercise and a healthy diet.

Diet is discussed a bit later, but at first, the most important is to get your exercise plan up and running. To make it easier and safer, everything included can be done in the safety of your house.

  • Daily running on a treadmill is good for your cardiac muscles

  • An indoor cycle is also a good exercise that can be done daily

  • Exercises on a good mat such as yoga is an excellent way to keep your blood circulation healthy

  • Make sure you have a good mat to help absorb the impact to take the strain off from your body. This will help to prevent splints and at the same time help to improve ankle strength

  • Tae Bo or any of the martial arts disciplines are good exercises to keep your body overall healthy and strong

  • Good balancing exercises are also suitable for an overall healthy and strong body and will keep you focused

These are a few good exercises that will keep you healthy if you want to do everything in a safe environment.


This is a vital part to look at if you want to improve the health of the body and the mind. To have a healthy body, you need to have a positive mindset as well as a healthy environment to live in.

Ecology is, in a few words, the basic environment you live in and how you interact with other people and nature. It is also how your environment reacts to you and those living with you in the same space.

You cannot expect to live healthily if you live in an unhealthy environment such as next to a factory. There will be a lot of air pollution that may damage your lungs to start with and much worse things.

For a person to live healthily and to a ripe old age, you need to look after yourself in more than one way. You need to be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water as nature intended you to do.

Fresh Food

Also, one of the main reasons why people are getting sick is because of chemicals that are used to improve shelf life. These types of chemicals may cause health problems in your body as well as issues in the environment.

As the world population grows, it gets more difficult to feed the world on fresh fruit and vegetables to keep them healthy. The best way is to live in an environment where you can sustain yourself with fresh produce.

That is where proper planning will come in when it comes to feeding yourself and those around you. Not all of us can afford to live on a farm, but there are ways with new technology to produce fresh food.

You can start by moving away from the big cities with all their factories that pollute the environment, and closer to fresh air. You need to place yourself in such a position that you can sustain yourself in a healthier living space.

To sum this part up, you need to put yourself in such a position that you are not dependent on the system for fresh food. And the only way to do that is to own a piece of land or create a hydroponic farm to produce your own food.


Many people believe that the way to live healthy is to live off the land and only from the plants of the land. This may be a good thing, but you need to do a great deal of planning if you want to become a vegan.

Now, to become a vegan, you will have to avoid eating and drinking everything that comes from animals. This will include all fish and other animal meat, as well as the drinking of milk and even eating eggs.

There are certain things your body will need to stay healthy, and some very essential nutrients come from animals. A good example is that calcium you can get from a glass of milk will be difficult to get from eating vegetables only.

To go vegan, you will need to plan your diet to replace all the nutrients that come from animals with vegetables. And if you need to add supplements for these nutrients and vitamins, they will have to come from plants and not animals.

A Great Deal of Planning

You will need to plan before you go to a complete vegan diet to help sustain your immune system from plants only. The reason you need to do a lot of research and planning is that it can be good but also not good for you.

You can have a lower overall body mass and much lower cholesterol levels when you go to a vegan diet. But before you make the final decision, please see a professional dietitian about a vegan diet. Not everyone will benefit from following a vegan diet.

Organic Sustainability

Organic sustainability has a long reach, and despite many thinking that it only concerns consumables such as food, it also includes a greater variety of products used in and around the home. To achieve a truly balanced, healthy, and organically sustained life, you will have to assess every aspect of the home. This may start with what you eat and drink, but upon further investigation, you will find that there are many more markets now being enriched with sustainable processes. This includes fashion and apparel, hygienic products, and even cosmetics. 

The truth is, anything that comes in contact with the human body, to be consumed or worn against the skin, will have long term conditioning effects that could have serious repercussions. Anything that goes through a chemical process is considered to be non-organic and holds potential harm for the consumer. Each market and product has an individual process it goes through and is subjected to different chemicals. In foods, for instance, artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used during the growing of crops.

In livestock farming, the feeds often fed to cattle and sheep may contain harmful chemicals, either to treat possible diseases, increase the fattening qualities, and has potential benefits for the farmer. However, these chemicals are absorbed into the meat and consumed by you, which could have adverse effects. Read on below as we discuss the processes of each individual market, and consider what is organic.


Organic Foodstuff

Organic foodstuffs include everything from corn, wheat to vegetables and fruits, and also covers meat products. It will also include what you drink, whether it’s coffee, fruit juice, tea, or even the water sourced from your tap. Paying close attention to what is added to canned foods, packaged and processed goods is vital to achieving a healthier diet that is plausibly organic.

The growth process is also vital to consider whether or not a product is organic. Conventional farming uses pesticides to eliminate the damage caused by crop-eating insects. Although this is good for the farmer, it is known to have an adverse effect on the consumer.

The use of herbicides β€” chemicals used to control the growth of weeds that damage crops β€” are also known to cause health problems. Synthetic fertilizers are a third and perhaps the biggest concern of all the added chemicals. Despite that it has a super-growth effect, it is both harmful to the soil and the consumer.

Non-organic meat is produced by giving livestock growth hormones, and genetically modified organism feeds, as well as using medications to prevent diseases. Non-organic livestock is also fattened and grown bigger by preventing their mobility and caging them in closed pens, so it becomes lazy and spends more time eating.

Organic farming steps away from these processes and employs friendlier and natural means of growing healthy crops and livestock. In doing so, these farmers not only produce better goods but are eco-friendly and sustainable towards the environment. When it comes to the tap water you use, most of it is cleaned using harsh chemicals. Although the tap is your greatest source, you could consider switching to natural spring water for consuming and preparing food. 

Another concern in non-organic foods are the preservatives used to prolong its shelf life. In general, organic foods are considered fresher but do not have a long selling period.


Organic Hygiene

One aspect of organic sustainability that many might consider impossible is to avoid using cleaning products that use heavy chemicals. The use of harsh chemicals not only contaminates the water but is incredibly harmful to people, as much as they are to the environment.

There are many products that step away from adding these chemicals to their formulas. One option in washing soaps you could look for is tea tree oil extracts, which have a natural bacteria-killing characteristic. To really advance organic living, you should look into buying sustainable hygiene products.

The Benefits of Organic Living

The numerous benefits of adapting to an organic lifestyle have a far-reaching effect that, in certain aspects, you might not even notice. The primary benefit stems from supporting farmers and producers that adopt sustainable agricultural and manufacturing techniques. Their green farming methods enrich the environment, and by supporting them, you are adding your small but significant influence in healing the world. However, there are benefits that you will notice.

The first of these is a lifestyle that subjects you to fewer toxins. This means that your overall health will subsequently improve. The toxins contained in pesticides and artificial fertilizers have a deep-reaching effect that will be eliminated. Some of these chemicals have even been proven to contribute to cancer development. By eliminating, or at least reducing, the number of toxins you are exposed to, you will experience plenty of health-altering benefits.

These include improved skin health, a cleaner body that will directly influence your mental and emotional well-being. And all this will make you a much happier person, and it will even improve your sleep cycles. Furthermore, by reducing toxin intake, you will prolong your life and will live a fuller life than you might have otherwise. You will also be less likely to suffer or develop allergies.

A vital component that is significantly reduced in non-organic fruits and veggies, known as fermentable fibers, play a vital role in immune response and keeping our digestive system healthy. They also play a vital role in respiratory functions. By increasing the intake of these fibers from fresh organic veggies and fruits, you will be much healthier and more resilient against allergies and diseases.


The Consequences of an Unhealthy Lifestyle

The consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle are more intricate than most people would suspect. As described in the benefits associated with adopting an organic lifestyle, the same is negatively influenced by the factors of unhealthy living. Apart from the toxins induced by pesticides, herbicides, and artificial products, an unhealthy lifestyle is an intricate contributor to health risks.

These health risks are numerous and can range from developing diseases, obesity, and can progress the possibility of developing cancer. It is even suggested by many studies to influence the fertility of women, and an unhealthy lifestyle could lead to life-threatening consequences.


Among the most common developments associated with unhealthy living is obesity, which in turn can contribute to countless health risks, including heart diseases and diabetes. An inactive lifestyle is the largest contributor to developing obesity, and it is suggested that insufficient nutrition obtained from non-organic foodstuffs can be a vital cause of this.

Due to weak sources of nutrition obtained from a poor diet, it can lead to overconsumption as a means to try and obtain the correct amount of daily fuel. Another contributing factor is a diet that contains high energy combined with little physical exercise and activity. This causes the excess energy to be stored in the body in the form of various fats, further building obesity. By switching to an organic diet, not only will obesity be prevented, but it can be easily reversed with physical exercise.

Heart Diseases

The greater causes of heart diseases are associated with fatty or plaque build-up in arteries, as well as the consequential narrowing of arteries. The greatest risk factor of developing said conditions is dietary influences. Fatty build-up and plaque are most commonly associated with eating fast foods. It is also associated with processed foods that contain vegetable shortenings.

Antioxidants contained in fresh fruits and vegetables are a key preventative to developing heart conditions, and in organic produce are found in higher and healthier quantities.


It is widely known that the greatest cause of cancer are bad habits that include tobacco smoking. However, in recent studies, it was found that diet plays a vital role. Many of the cancers associated with a poor diet are also caused by the consumption of toxins found in pesticides. A diet that consists of fresh vegetables and fruits will drastically reduce the risk of developing cancer. And if it is organically grown, it would be even more effective.


Diabetes is more likely to develop in people who are obese, but it has the possibility of developing without weight factor causes. By consuming too much sugar and having a poor physical routine, it is likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can lead to further complications of kidney diseases and heart diseases.

How to Plan an Organic Lifestyle

Adopting an organic lifestyle will not take place overnight. It requires close inspection of all the goods that you buy, and implementing a drastic change like this will need planning. Applying a health planner is the best means to ensure that you obtain organic sustainability in every aspect of life. It will require a lot of research, and having a plan ready to follow will systematically aid you in finding good sources for all the changes you intend to bring about.

You will have to research the background of all the products you buy. This will include where the ingredients are sourced from, how they are grown, processed, and all kinds of things like that. From planning an organic diet to wearing organically sourced apparel and using organic hygienic products and cosmetics, you will have to do a lot of research.

However, implementing a healthy lifestyle planner will have plenty of benefits, that once done, will feel and seem worth all the effort.


There are several means by which you can add to your organic lifestyle. One such way is by growing your own herbs and vegetables. By doing so, not only will it provide you with physical exercise and an enjoyable pastime, but you will also have direct control of what goes into your vegetables.

Adopting an organically sustainable lifestyle will not be the easiest thing to do, but once it is underway, it will be incredibly rewarding and will become easier as time progresses. The intent of implementing organic sustainability is not to achieve perfection, but rather to promote progress.

In some cases, it will be challenging to apply organic sustainability, but keep in mind that every small act and change will be vital, and you should always continue to pursue healthier options as time and fate will allow.