Juice a Healthy life style for you?

Juicing is one of the best ways to incorporate nutrients into your body. The term ‘superfood’ was developed to describe types of foods that contain a lot of minerals and vitamins. These mostly include vegetables and fruits.

Superfood smoothies are useful in cleansing and detoxifying your body, and they improve your overall health leaving your body feeling vibrant and full of life - so you get a lot of benefits in making your own juice. Above I have listed some of the benefits and a lot of juice recipes.

Benefits of Drinking Healthy Superfood Juices and Smoothies

Superfood smoothies are useful in cleansing and detoxifying your body, and they improve your overall health leaving your body feeling vibrant and full of life.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding these  superfoods to daily life.

They Improve Digestion

The green and leafy vegetables used in processing superfood smoothies contain lots of fiber and other components that act as roughage in your digestive tract. Fiber eases your bowel movements and thus makes it easier for food to be digested and moved throughout the system. This also helps in combating constipation and other related digestion problems.

They Help You Lose Weight 

Superfood smoothies contain a lot of nutrients from the constituent berries and vegetables used. These ingredients have few calories as compared to carbohydrates. The enzymes in them also help in dissolving accumulated fat within the tissues, and this helps in clearing your circulatory system. The overall result is that you will eat healthier foods and lose weight along the way.

They Prevent Dehydration

Water is an essential component of your body. It helps keep the cells healthy and gives your skin a smoother, radiant look. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of water content inside them. This replenishes your body’s water levels, and such a strategy can come in handy during hot weather conditions.

They Make You Feel Fuller

Due to their high fiber content, superfoods are heavier and thus make you fuller when you eat them. They are ideal for those who are trying to lose weight by eating less. They also build discipline by helping you control your snacking urges. All it takes to accomplish this is drinking a glass in between meals, and you will have excellent results.


Juice recipes for you with a normal skin

These juice recipes are made for people with a normal skin type in mind. This type of skin doesn’t really have any significant issue. It’s not too dry nor too oily. You are lucky if you have that kind of skin.

Juice recipe if you suffer from a dry skin

These juice recipes are made for people with a dry skin. Usual problems people with dry skin have are red patches and scaling, itchiness and inflammation  and sometimes discomfort from tightness.

Still not sure about that juice is healthy for you ?

They Contain Antioxidants

Adding matcha green tea powder to your superfood smoothie makes it rich in antioxidants. These help in preventing and fighting a myriad of illnesses. Other ingredients to consider for this include berries, grapes, and sweet potatoes.

Help in Controlling Cravings

When mixed well with fruits, superfood smoothies are full of flavor, and they are healthier than snacks and junk food. By drinking them, you can reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods. Their high protein content also sits in your stomach longer, thus making you less hungry.

They Enhance Your Immunity

Your immune system is your body’s ability to combat pathogens and other illness-causing organisms. The enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients, such as beta carotene, from the vegetables and fruits used in preparing these smoothies, strengthen your white blood cells. This improves your overall immune system.

Juice recipes for you with a oily skin

Oily skin is often caused by nutrient deficiencies, and the result can often be acne. Oily skin is not fun to deal with, but try some of these juices and they will help you a little of the way.

Juice recipe for you with sensitive skin

If you have very sensitive skin that is prone to damage, is always dry and itchy, scratches and bruises easily, and more, it might be time to load up on some essential vitamins to help increase overall skin health. 

Here you get 3 more reasons to make your own juice

They Help Curb Sleeping Disorders

If you are having trouble sleeping, you may want to try these smoothies. A healthy glass of juice containing bananas, oats, and kiwi will have high contents of magnesium and calcium, which help in inducing sleep. These elements also play a role in the maintenance of healthy sleeping routines.

They Improve Brain Power and Detoxify the Body

Research has shown that the nutrients from vegetables and fruits help build your brain. This enhances your mental alertness and improves your concentration. Some of the acclaimed ingredients include omega 3 fatty oils and coconut.

In addition to working on your brain, they also detoxify your body. Papaya, garlic, and beetroot are renowned for their blood cleansing properties.

They Check the Growth of Carcinogens

Carcinogens are cancer-causing factors. The nutrients and enzymes from superfood smoothies help in curbing the growth of free radicals within your body, which cause cancer. Moreover, they promote healthier development of cells and thus minimize the chances of the formation of abnormal cells, which can lead to cancer.

Juice recipes for you with a combined skin

Yes, it seems like a near impossible combination, but it does occur. The best types of juices for combination skin are those that are loaded with a variety of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. 

Juice recipe for us with a mature skin 

When you get older, your skin loses elasticity; it becomes loose, and it doesn’t regenerate as fast. Here are some great anti-aging juice which are very high in antioxidants, vitamins, and other essential compounds.

Juice it up with a blender or juicer?

You have now got a lot of recipes for what kind of juice which is good for exactly your skin type. The question is now what kind of "gear" should you use for making your favorite juice?

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The bottom line is that there are so many juices that you can make at home, all of which have certain skin benefits. Whether you need to moisturize dry skin, cut down on oiliness, reduce sensitivity, get more glow, look younger, or just want to maintain a healthy look, there is a juice out there for everything. 

When you combine so many ingredients loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, you’re bound to get a lot of skin benefits and so much more.

Get inspired with all the latest juice recipes here

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