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Apricot benefits for your health and beauty

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Apricot a fruit with a lot of goodies

The apricot benefits are many.  Apricots are a juicy low calorie and fiber-rich stone fruit with a high content of vitamin A and the part C vitamin, antioxidants, carotene, and iron. However, make sure you buy organic if you can to avoid chemistry. This applies to all vegetables & fruits. 

This superfood contains up to approx. 85% water. Most of the apricot's nutrients are just below the skin and in its core. The core contains a lot of seeds and these seed seeds contain approx. 50% oil.

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Apricot benefits for your skin

Apricot oil is rich in linolenic acid (omega 6), which helps to maintain the moisture balance in your skin. The acid helps keep your skin “toned” and firm. The apricot content of vitamins A and E is known to delay the signs of skin aging and is therefore good when we speak from a pro-aging / anti-age perspective. The oil is also often applied to delicate skin as an alternative to facial serum under a cream.

You can use the apricot oil as a scrub, soap and exfoliate your skin. You can also get started yourself and mix apricot oil with sugar. This blend will be good for removing dead skin cells all over the body and should ultimately give you smooth and soft skin - be sure to have your skin cleansed before you start. As previously mentioned, apricot is a real superfood in the beauty industry and is often used in proaging / anti age products as it has this rebuilding effect on the skin. However, it is just as often used to treat irritated and dry skin.

ELEMIS soothing Apricot Toner

This calming treatment toner effectively tones the skin and helps maintain the pH level, without the use of alcohol or other harsh detergents.
Extracts of Apricot, Quillja Wood and Sweet Betty Flower soothe and harmonise the skin, leaving a fresh and radiant complexion.

Apricot benefits for your health

In addition to the good qualities in the skincare world, this superfood has a host of other good properties where only a few should be mentioned here.

Apricots are rich in calcium, which are crucial for the formation and development of your bones. You help yourself when eating apricots to maintain your bone health and at the same time prevent your bone to bone-related problems such as osteoporosis which can occur as we get older if we do not get enough calcium for the body.

Apricots are especially beneficial for pregnant women as they contain vitamins A, C, and E as well as minerals such as phosphorus, silicon, calcium, iron, and potassium. Therefore, pregnant women are often advised to eat dried apricots as they have a high iron content, which is important for pregnant women to prevent anemia.

As you can see, apricot can be used in many contexts both as food, skincare and to prevent diseases. It's just to take advantage of its many good properties and then it tastes really good. It can be used in cooked dishes like they do in the Middle East or make a delicious juice. There are endless possibilities with this little fruit.

Why pro-aging / anti-age ?

Rich in beta carotene and A vitamins. Rebuilds your collagen and forms water-binding molecules in the skin. At the same time protects against UV rays from the sun-which is one of the most pro-aging / anti-age enemies we have

Eat one apricot a day. If you have difficulties to get apricots then the carrot and melon have the same effect as the apricot - so eat it instead. You can also use the above oil and get some of the benefits this apricot oil prevent.

Apricot Kernel Seed Oil is a nourishing beauty oil that enhances your hair, skin, and nails. It’s containing vitamins A, C, E, & K and omega fatty acids that promote soft, smooth, and radiant skin, as well as shiny and thick looking hair. Dry and damaged skin and hair are soothed and rehydrated. Apricot has hair strengthening properties that help improve if you have  split ends, weak, brittle, and frizzy tresses. Furthermore this oil has anti-aging nutrients that help maintain a youthful look, from head to toe.

Note: Apricot oil or apricot kernel oil is pressed from the kernels of the Prunus armeniaca (apricot). Apricot kernels have an oil content of 40-50%. The oil is similar to almond oil and peach oil, both of which are also extracted from the kernels of the respective fruit.

How to buy fresh apricots

Choose full, golden-orange apricots without soft spots. Once you've bought apricots, they should not be lying too long - as they mature faster than other fruits you buy in stores. Buy locally if you have the opportunity - as they certainly have the best taste.

How to store your Apricots

If the fruit is immature when you buy it, you can leave it on the kitchen table. Once ripe, you can put it in the refrigerator to slow down the ripening process and the fruit stays fresh longer.

Tips for preparation of your Apricots

To peel a fresh apricot first make a W through the skin on the bottom, then put the fruit in boiling water for 20 to 60 seconds. When the skin starts to wrinkle, remove the fruit and pour it into a bowl of ice water. Once cooled, peel the skin with your fingers or a small knife.

I have now given you a lot of the apricot benefits both in terms of health and beauty. I hope you will be able to benefit from this knowledge and explore this wonderful fruit yourself.