Hi my name is Charlotte,  I am the founder of  Healthyproaging

For many years we women have been using beauty products to make us look younger – because that's what society told us to do. I want you to know that you can age gracefully without using anti-aging products you don't need. Instead, combine healthy eating, doing fitness, and use the right skin or hair care products designed for your skin or hair type not your age.

How we aGE

I think that the way you perceive aging can actually influence how you age. “Positive and negative attitudes can affect your health behaviorally, psychologically, and even  biologically.  Being ‘pro-aging’, or satisfied with your own aging, can give you a lot of benefits 

Healthier behaviors, feel in control of how you age and even heighten your health. So start thinking in a pro-aging way instead of and anti-age. 


Eating healthy has been in the cultural spotlight for decades, and it usually means eating plenty of vitamin-rich, mineral-dominant vegetables and fruits. Over the last decade, and especially in the last few years, this way of thinking has found its way into many facets of your life, including beauty.


Remember that you not only treat your body from the inside, but also from the outside. By taking the same thought process and applying it to your skin care routine, you will be able to get the most out of all the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in these amazing products – so I go with high quality products which are made of organic and natural ingredients. 

We shall take care of our self  in and natural way  + the planet we are living on. It´s about time we are doing that for our self and the world. If you are curious about superfoods in beauty products then